Thursday, October 7, 2010


Here are some Last Night On Earth zombies.


Above pics of the Last Night On Earth minis I painted for my buddy.
2 female survivors, LNOE figs.

Tis one shows how Wargames Factory Zombies match up with LNOE minis

Oops, posted this one twice and for some reason cant get it off.


Above are Wargames Factory Zombies, A few with minor conversions, the cops belts are made with Green Stuff putty. I carved off the shorts for the nude guy, and added the beards and hair for the street bums. I LOVE Wargames factory zombies.

Monday, March 22, 2010


A new project, ww2 Naval Pacific using "Naval Thunder" rules and figurehead 1/6000 scale ships. YES, 1/6000.......when I first opened the box I really wasnt ready for just how small they were. I spent several days looking at them thinking "how am I going to paint something SOOOO tiny. Eventually I dove in and found them really a breeze. Japanese Destroyers below:Here are Japanese Heavy Cruisers, The numbers are just for reference during the game and are not historical.
On the backs I printed the ships name and class to make things easier.

Here are some USN Cruisers, their numbers are historical

Did the same with them, number, name, class

I Have almost all the cruisers and destroyers needed to fight the early actions in the pacific, and plan to keep going with this one.

Native Warriors

Another side project, The French And Indian War, All the figures are either Perry Miniatures or Conquest Miniatures, both excellent miniatures. This one is slow going because all the Indians (Im so non-PC) have to be individuals, and all the war-paint beadwork is a pain to paint.

RCW Infantry

Christmas 2009 Ii started a Russian Civil War project, all the figures are Copplestone Castings which are excellant sculpts, Here are 2 pics of Reds, bases unfinished

Next a White unit, I modeled these as the Officers Company of the Kornilov Regt. For you purests out there I KNOW they probably were never this uniform until in exile in Greece after the war...but come on, the uniform is to cool NOT to paint.

I learned later that a company makes little decals for the blue arm patch, AFTER I had hand painted all the boogers.

Much more to come with this project.

Spanish Civil War

A side project of mine, The Spanish Civil War, here are 2 pics of Anarchist militia circa 1939.

I have Spanish Foreign Legion, Morrocans and Falange but havnt painted them lately, these fellows havnt even had their bases finished yet because Im unsure if I want to do the stands for urban combat. The figures are all Anglian or Force of Arms 28mm.